African Creativity, N°1 raw material in Africa.

Why the BFF ?


Silent cultural alienation

Talking about Culture, Innovation and Creativity, Concern should be shown because the strength of our youths is weakened by the failure of official regional cultural policies. On the day by day basis, on the field , these policies have no impact therefore they pretend to being made to encourage our cultural vibrancy.The artistic process of cultural creation is regarded as secondary. Young creative people are not encouraged financially nor supported to succeed. It’s rare that places , spots where creative people could meet, share, work are encouraged and settled by cultural policies .People don’t pay attention, too busy to struggle for life and searching for food for their families. These inadequation of public cultural policies should be public issues. Chief public issues .







... the failures of cultural policies ...

New positive strength come up to fight this unfair situation mainly in art field.
For instance:
-Several festivals : Music /painting /dance in Ghana Nigeria Ivory Coast Senegal
-Promotion of the local food and the New African Food (Afro-fusion Food)
-Textile and Dressings , “the new African “ mixing traditional cuttings with Futuristic cuttings, accessories…
-Afro-Tro with Traditional or Religious sounds by Techno and Electronique instruments
-Nollywood: famous Nigeria film and active Video Industry
-TV, some Africans States produce their very own TV series and TV Novelas more adapted to Africans;
-Africans Hits and popular Music styles are heard in dance club hall all over Europe and USA , Azonto, Coupé decalé, Magic System

... the situation persists ...

Today everybody is aware of the situation, even suffering from it. Our Culture is not plenty taken in consideration …we don’t even speack any of our native language, we have no village anymore, we come from vaccum… No more strongs roots with our glorious past, history. Our countries need new institutions best –adapted ones to upcome the threats of this unstable New world.

Our young generations need new opportunities to create,to exist , to contribute to world culture and to settle their hegemony in their specialities.

20% to 30% of public opinion, mainly Professors, artists, and free-minders, in our Nations disagree with these inefficient public cultural policies and they feel sorry for the youth.

...It's today!!! it is now

Today is Today !

Huge news.

We have the honour to launch officially BFF 17 in almost 18 countries of West Africa Region !We are gonna produce freely - freely Beauty , talent for Ourselves, From Ourselves by Ourselves .

This time is Now !!! Change is Now !!!

Bushman Film Festival

African Creativity, N°1 raw material in Africa.