African Creativity, N°1 raw material in Africa.

Broad Outlines

Bushman Film Festival 2018(BFF 18)

  • Date
    From 26 october 2018 to 28 october 2018 at Bushman Café (Abidjan) and The Shop Accra (Accra)
  • The aim of the festival
     "Making West African Talent Visible"
  • Theme of BFF 18
    Creativity, number one raw material of Africa.
  • Categories
    Fiction, Documentary, Human Rights and all other categories.
  • Accompanying Events

Conference on the topic:  "Creative Industries for Economic Development"

Workshops :

  • Guest

Artists : Afrobeat, Afro-tro and african Pop.

Experts : Human Rights and World of Arts.

Who stands behind the festival (organisers, sponsors and partners)
Kablan Porquet : diplomat and former Human Rights experts, H.R Activist and owner of Bushman Café
Orange Cote D’Ivoire/Air Ivoire
Agence SUPA/Agence NAAM

Much more with our cultural and creative resources ...

We must focus on our Living culture :down to earth, strong, truthful and which doesn’t compromise its integrity.” I don’t mean exhibition , Musuem :but every daylife,clothing, eating ,making love . Its an ecosystem to Promote… A cultural coherence to reinforce ….
…..Nations such Nigeria inspire all West Africa about it ! We have to love each other , to promote e.o and to be proud of e.o
Our Leaders have to promote places holding mix of people having a “creative soul” and Craving for « creative souls »….Our Nations have oil, cocoa , diamond and gold, therefore since independencies it's still difficult…We must reinforce us, by a clear clear conscience of being us, by us, for us..it all start with a golden frame of revealation of who we work for ??? For us , first of all its start with being “Center of the World”….The problem of Africa it's not poverty and Corruption, it's people having lost who they really are…..

We are distinctive

We have a special Spirit, a soul in West Af…;We are sociable and beautifull creatures; we have always lived in family groups, joining forces with other family groups in order to share food, to work and , of course in the defence of common interest. We have always celebrated special occasions : a fruitful harvest , a successful hunt, worshipping, thanking or asking favours from Gods or recognizing a birth, a marriage or a death. And our people have a “creative soul”: Everything is Art around us….then we are resilient, creative, making stylish matters from scratch….
We have in our DNA an instinctive need to come together with others, to share experience….This is the meaning of this small Festival BFF 18 (BUSHMAN FILM FESTIVAL 2018) , a way to deliver real practical impact, to offer the world the experience of West African
sensitivity, now we need to make a start on how our specific way to see the world,love,life, present and future and share to the globalized planet properties to deliver a different energy
This is vital precisely because film is such a powerful medium for change,Sharing and showing the world experienced differently…..

We want to maintain appeal to artists, creatives and people with integrity from all our environement, all West Africa.. We believe film in general is such a powerful impact medium –
because it breeds empathy, because culture change leads other change, and because films can bring a new energy to our local issues our people are facing.

The important thing is to make a start because BFF 17 is about subjects sharing their lives.

Prices for the BFF 18

Since we have 3 distinctions, Prices for the BFF 17

-one price Modjé OR for 10 mn film about everything you want 3000 us $
-one price Modjé Green for 10 mn Film about “stories of human lives” 3000 us $
-one price Modjé Brown OUT-OF Competition (for more than 10 mn Film) about everything you want 3000 us $

Let me talk about the Human Right one: Cinema is pre-eminently the medium that has the
ability to expand the moral imagination, the ability to imagine ourselves in the situation of others, “It is all about the protection of the ways to ameliorate the HUMAN LIVES”.
When the majority of people hear the term “human rights”, they immediately imagine suffering and violence.
It is important to always stay positive.
Avoid criticism and complaints about injustice by replacing them with a proactive and hopeful approach that focuses on efforts to make change.

For us, we want to persuade the public and media that human rights
issues are important, engaging, interesting, and relevant to their own lives , we want to share the vision of awareness, dynamic energy to change bad bad bad things , because our countries are full or good young people,courageous NGO wanting to move forward, fixing all the scories of dark side of our Africa. They want………Light !!!

Offering new perspectives and innovative styles

The big productions of cinema in the international ground ignore a great part of the films made with very little means.
We, cinema professionals, film goers, have decided to support the most fragile forms of Cinema such as the short-film, the gender cinema, the repertory cinema, the documentary and the experimental films.
More than a springboard of the feature film, the short film is a form in its own right. As a real creative laboratory, the short-film offers to the lovers or confirmed directors a complete freedom. The new African Urban Cinema is characterized by both a strong expansion of tastes, needs, and some new envies from African public. Our approach aims to conciliate the international cinema requirements with the Africans public tastes, to tell interesting things about today Africa realities because the cinema has completely changed in ten years and has become very contemporary.
We would like to create a successful partnership between the two communities of creators.
The cinema with African author, relies on public aids on the one hand and on the other hand in festivals lives, apart from the commercial chains combined with the films destined to the majority of African public, if we have to schematize are from Nollywood. These are productions whose costs are proportional to the resources that African cinema can expect from its public. This African cinema depends on an economic life without subsidies and which is based on the exploitation of rooms or DVD.
The categories of targeted social groups, such as the wealthy people, the bobos from Africa, mix themselves with the young people from modest backgrounds, something which strengthens the festival's basis through social cohesion.

Bushman Film Festival

African Creativity, N°1 raw material in Africa.