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Submitting to the 2018 Bushman Film Festival

The following deadlines are the dates by which we must receive your film From now to 30 september 2018.

About submission fees

Category 1 : SHORT Narrative Films:

Modjé Or

Any narrative work of fiction or documentary or non-fiction film of of WEST AFRICA origin filmed with a smartphone with a running time of 10 minutes no more.

Category 2 SHORT HR “stories on human lives” Films:

Modjé green

Any fiction or non-fiction film or narrative filmed with a smartphone about Human Rights of West Africa origin with a  maximum running time of 10 minutes.

Catergory 3 :Out of Competition Feature Films:

Modjé brown

Any narrative work of fiction or not of African origin with a running time more than 10 minutes and filmed with smartphone OR NOT.

The Bushman Film Festival is comprised of 3 competition programs, all of which are listed above.

If your project is accepted into the Festival, our Programming team will decide which of the 3 Festival programs it will be slotted into.

To be eligible for each category:

-You must be from West Africa

-you must film your movies with a smartphone for the 2 following categories : MODJE or and MODJE GREEN

-you must film with anything you want (Smartphones OR NOT) for the OUT-OF COMPETION one : MODJE BROWN

-You must submit your film BEFORE 10 October 2017

-if you rather submit your film PHYSICALLY, you MUST do it via : DVD or CD or USB key

All projects submitted for 2017 Festival consideration must have been completed in either from 2015 to 2017.

All projects must be submitted via one of three accepted formats:
-Digital upload via the dropbox, (https://www.dropbox.com/fr/)
- Vimeo link (https://vimeo.com/)  
-mail to us on a single disc CD or key.usb

. Please ensure that discs play all the way before mailing them to us!
Media player : VLC Media Player ( http://www.video-lan.org/vlc/index/index.htlm)

Please write or print the following information directly on the face of your disc, preferably in a manner similar to
the example provided below to 25 BP 440Abidjan 25 Cote d’Ivoire :
Name of the owner
Country of origin:
Summary(5 lines):
Credits :
name of the film
Name of the phone used to film :

All projects that contain significant non-English dialogue or non-french MUST include on-screen English subtitles at the time of submission.
For Help Editing subtitles: Subtitles Edit (http://www.nikse.dk/subtitleedit/ ) and KMplayer3.9.0.126 ,wich allows you to have three subtitles lists at the same time (up to two srt. Les ) and allows you add error –free Arabic subtitles (http://kmplayer .en.softonic.com/)

DVD creation : Freemake Video converter (http://www.freemake.com/free_free_video converter/)

Format conversion : Handbrake (http://handbrake.fr/)

For those who work on a mac there are some good video converting tool available such as toast titanium (paid) and MPEG Streamclip (downloadable for free on htt://www.squareed5.com/)

If you choose to submit a physical disc to us instead of a digital upload or Vimeo link (https://vimeo.com/) , please mail it to us at the address below.

25 BP 440Abidjan 25
Cote d’Ivoire :

Be sure to write your dropbox file link on the front of your envelope! This will help ensure
that your submission is processed as quickly as possible.


If you have created two different cuts of the same film with different running times, you may submit both as separate submissions.

Name of the owner
Credits :
name of the film
Name of the phone

Due to the volume of submissions we receive (over 1000 we’re supposed to receive for 2017 Festival consideration), we are
unable to contact each applicant individually if we do not receive his or her project. It is your responsibility to ensure that
your package arrives at our office before the deadline you have selected.

Yes. Posting minimal footage or scenes from your project does not affect its eligibility for any submission category. It is also
acceptable for cast and crew to use scenes from your project for the purposes of a public or private exhibition reel.


No, we encourage artists of all ages to submit their work

You may submit as many projects as you wish,.

You may log into your account at www.dropbox.com at any time to update or revise your application.

We will contact all officially-submitted projects via e-mail no later than one week before 26 October 2017 .






Bushman Film Festival

African Creativity, N°1 raw material in Africa.