The Bushman Film Festival consists of 3 competition programs, all listed below.

Category 1: Short Narrative Films or Short Documentary Films: Modjé Or (3000 us $)

Any narrative work of fiction filmed with a smartphone with a 10 minutes maximum running time.

Any documentary film . Originally filmed with a smartphone with a 10-minute maximum running time.

 Modjé OR


Categorie 2 Short HR “story on human lives” Films: Modjé green ( 3000 us $)

Any film or non-fiction narrative filmed with a smartphone about  West African human rights and Human lives with a 10-minutes maximum running time.
When the majority of people hear the term "human rights", they immediately imagine suffering and violence.
It is important to always stay positive.
Avoid criticisms and complaints about injustice by replacing them with a proactive and optimistic approach that emphasizes efforts to change.

Categorie 3 Out of Competition Feature Films: Modjé Brown ( 3000 us $)

Any non-fiction film or narrative, any documentary filmed :

  • with any cameras ( video camera, webcam, reflex camera, stereo camera, smartphone etc...). about Human Rights of West Africa origin.
  • more than 10 minutes